552.70 €/BTC Buy  544.58 €/BTC Sell  544.66 €/BTC Bitcoin Average

Why use MultiSigna?

Real multisignature addresses   
User can freely change his bitcoin address, Bank and OKPay account   
Up to 10 bitcoin addresses, Bank and OKPay accounts stored   
Buy/sale orders with variable or fixed exchange rate   
Bitcoins deposited only by order's acceptance, not in advance   
Fiat money (€,$) transfers take place directly between users
Trade directly between users, not with an exchange
Multisignature and transaction input/output monitorizing, anytime   
Order status monitorizing, anytime   
How quick a complete transaction can be done?   
Less than 24 h
More than 24 h
More than a week
Several days
Doesn't hold fiat money
Doesn't hold bitcoins
User data are stored encrypted
No deposit or withdrawal fees
1% (min 100 €)
$ to € exchange rate
Withdrawal limits
No limits
Bitcoin limit
Bitcoin & Fiat limits
Bitcoin & Fiat limits
Transfer method €: SEPA / OKPay
Transfer method $: OKPay
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About Us

The first market to use 100% multisignature bitcoin addresses!

We don't ever own your crypto currency

MULTISIGNA uses exclusively multisignature addresses composed by 3 individual addresses: the buyer's, the seller's and the one of MultiSigna. MultiSigna does not store the users private keys.

We don't ever own your fiat money

MULTISIGNA does not operate with any associated bank account. The transactions in $/€ take place exclusively between the users bank or OKPay accounts.

We don't even intervene in a normal transaction!

A bitcoin transaction is completely automatic in MULTISIGNA and requires only the buyer's and seller's signature, not the one of MultiSigna.


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